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“Never underestimate the power of the word. Just two days after I posted the first blog that Linda wrote for me, I got a call from BizTV. They wanted to interview me! How did they find me? They were doing some online research and my blog popped up. Oh, and they ended up signing up for my services as well.”

– Jeff Zaret, President, PayProTec West Coast

“We’ve been very busy here, most likely due to the traction that we got from our first batch of blogs. We’ve never had so many proposals in the field at one time. Clearly things are different!”

– Sean Harley, Co-Founder & CEO, LUPR

"I honestly couldn't imagine how a few hours on the phone together would translate, but now I sure can. What you have done has been beyond our reach to this point. The messaging and content is spot on. It is technically accurate and detailed. More than well done!"

– Kevin C. Symens, Vice President Sales, Subeca

"Linda is a brilliant writer with a unique ability to take your input—even if it’s just a disorganized brain dump—and turn it into original content that informs and sells."

– Jack Antikadjian, President, Metrix Systems, COO, Xano

"Holy mother of God...this first draft is perfect! Like perfect! It's everything I wanted to say but just couldn't! Thank you than"Holy mother of God...this first draft is perfect! Like perfect! It's everything I wanted to say but just couldn't! Thank you thank you thank you Linda!"

– Mark McManus, President, DisasterFree

"I'm always amazed by how smart I am after you write up what I say!"

         – Stephen McGrady, Principal, CIO Professional Services LLC

"Linda has been amazing in how she edits my company's letters and flyers. Her creative and business like approach has not only improved the quality of my work she has lifted an ongoing burden. Her responsiveness is refreshing and she has added insight and clarity on several of my projects."

        – Ray Johnston, President, Lido Property Management

"You did an absolutely fantastic job! You not only understand marketing, but you also have a very unique sense of understanding the client and focus on the right details."

– Carlos Luna James, Artist

"The best part about working with Linda is how she does what she does. Just work on one project with her and experience her process. She has amazing listening skills and her ability to take your ideas and transform them into appealing marketable material is amazing."

– Troy Fisher, President, TEF Consulting LLC

"Linda Coss is an excellent writer, very perceptive, and a joy to work with. Her methodical questions helped me to define and convey the information in a coherent way that clients can easily understand. I wish I had found her sooner!"

– Leila Morgan, Energy Healer, Psychic, Artist

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect! I can’t believe how well you took everything I gave you and turned it into gold."

– Elliott James, Entertainment Industry Professional

"Linda’s work exceeds my expectations. She has the ability to quickly grasp the benefit to the target market and then concentrate the piece/offer on that benefit. Linda is easy to work with, turns things around quickly, and produces pieces that require only minor revisions (if any at all)."

– Alex Rosenberg, President, Storage Valet

"It's so nice to work with you. Your writing is so spot on, organized, easy to read and understand, not to mention getting those keywords in! Craziness!!!"

– Jami Baker, Baker's Village Garden Center & Gift Shoppe

"Wow, you are really awesome!! Just a side note – something written this well just might bring in more people than I can handle. What plans do you have for me then?"

– Daniel Roberts, MSFS, Financial Advisor

"Linda went above and beyond to help save our marketing project. Not only was she diligent in her efforts, but she managed to communicate complicated concepts in a CLEAR, CONCISE, AND EXCITING manner. Linda produced a truly amazing product. It hit all of our needs. I look forward to working with her again, as my business continues to grow."

– Greg Stefflre, Founder & Portfolio Manager, Dylan Street Partners, LLC

"After Linda rewrote my ads I went from getting 1 or 2 inquiries a month to 3 or 4 inquiries a week. Now I’m booking parties everything weekend!"

– Shelby Jack, Owner, Fairytale Friends

"Thanks to Linda’s incredibly persuasive writing, all it took to get my foot in the door at one of the largest statewide retailers in my industry was her one-page letter. She’s awesome. Thank you, Linda."

– R. Schwartz, CEO King Cyrus Spirits, LLC

"You’re amazing to work with. All I need to do is give you a call and you take it from there."

– Larry Wilhelms, Director, WestGroup Marketing Communications

"Everyone LOVED your work for both the brochure and the site!"

– Michael Elliot, Founder and President, The Hammer & Nails Salon Group, LLC

"When a marketing piece becomes a sale piece, you know that it hit the target. I had the privilege of having Linda develop my business brochure. It looks simple, few focused words, unassuming. But everyone who sees it wants to know about the writer. As a small business owner I want to maximize the return on my marketing budget. Linda knew how to use one single piece to address my direct clients as well as my partners. A tour de force indeed! Thank you Linda!"

– Chebel Mina, Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer, Broadview Mortgage

"Why are you the only person on the planet who does your job efficiently and professionally? You make my life easier and you are amazing at everything you do. You’re my favorite vendor!"

– Marc Drucker, MS, Chief Certified Hypnotist, Drucker Hypnosis Center

"Linda has a real talent for taking our dry, technical topics and making them interesting!"

– Mike Faster, President, Coyote Creek

"The annual report is a knock out, and we couldn't have done it without you!"

– Jennifer Slaughter, Marketing & Communications Director, Anderson Ranch Arts Center

"I'm used to working with professional editors and you're right up there with any of the magazine and book pros I've worked with. Thank you!"

– Patty Bialak, Author, What Now? A Memoir of Self-Realization

'With all the vendors I use, you’re the only one I don’t have to ask twice about anything. Thanks for being so prompt as well!"

– Glenn Talan, Creative Director, Madplanet

"Being a one-person department, my vendors are my “staff,” and I’m very choosy about the ones I hire. I’ve worked with many freelance writers over the years, and very few can study your business, listen to your request and then create copy that sounds as good, or better, than you or your team could write. That’s why Linda Coss is such a great resource! She is quick, asks the right questions and doesn’t waste my time. She is also a lot of fun to work with! I recently told Linda, “I love paying your invoices because you really give us value with your great ideas!” How many of you feel that way about your consultants?"

– Deborah Globerson, Director of Internal Communications, Smile Brands Inc.

"Linda is an ass kicking communicator/marketer/writer. I had such a great time working with her!"

– Caroline Moassessi, The Grateful Foodie

"I love how you captured my vision and put it into beautiful words – you are truly gifted!"

– Yvette Lega, CEO, Liberty Grace Collection

"I chose Linda as the copywriter for our website content because of her professionalism and integrity. When compared to other copywriters, Linda set herself apart by being completely honest about our current content and providing a fresh approach to creating new content. I would highly recommend her to any company large or small who is looking to create powerful messaging and/or a consistent voice within their copy. "

– Sharlene Palmgren, Vice President, Business Development, ALC

"I really do love what you have written. Thank you for your help! My experience was great for two reasons: first, you were great to work with and produced something that reflects me, and second, I learned a lot in the process.

– Diane Kinsella, Owner, SuccessQuest Coaching & Consulting

"I came to Plumtree Marketing when we decided to revamp our website. We weren’t really sure what to expect but were wowed by Linda. The dedication she showed to our project was incredible. Linda really engaged herself in our industry, learning as much as she could. Every call and email was answered promptly, and informatively. We were left with no loose ends thanks to Linda’s attention to detail. Hands down the customer experience with Plumtree marketing was one of the best we have had. I highly recommend Linda and Plumtree.

– Dora Tuza, Director of Sales & Marketing, I-Source Inc."

"Linda was great from the first moment I called. It has been so hard for me to express by writing about my own company. After a phone interview, Linda couldn’t have done better, just BRILLIANT. I loved everything that she wrote. One thing is for sure, we are going back for every project that we have. Linda has become My On-Call Marketing Writer!"

– Tigran Marabyan, Creative Director, Blushing Bride Photo & Video

"Each time I work with Linda, I am reminded just how well she understands marketing, which ultimately makes her a HANDS DOWN ABSOLUTE for any small business. I always – and only – recommend Linda whenever the need for a professional copywriter comes up, and for one reason above all else: She understands the principles of marketing on a psychological level. Linda sees the bigger picture. She is pragmatic, insightful and incredibly fast (I am always blown away by how quickly she can put together something that is not only well written, but compelling!)"

– Kristine Putt, Owner and Brand Identity Designer, Paragon Moon

"You did such a good job that I wanted to hire myself!"

– Don Welker, On-Call CFO

"The thing I like best about working with Linda is that she is able to edit my writing while preserving my style. Too often, the people that have corrected my grammar in the past have done so at the expense of my writing style. Linda’s talent amazes me and I am happy to have found her."

– Tom Sheltraw, President, The Tradesman

"I would love to work with Linda again. Linda is not only a talented writer, but also fast and honest, which I truly appreciate."

– Michi Uchida, Founder, Purely Simple Nutrition & Wellness Program

"In working with Linda Coss I have learned that good writing means more money. How do I know this? Linda rewrote the marketing piece that I send out to market my consulting services. In the past I sent out a lot of resumes with very little results. Now when I send out my resume it includes a spiffy marketing pitch at the very start, and low and behold, I get hits. Lots of hits. Not all of them turn into closed deals, but this marketing piece gets my foot in the door at consulting gigs that turn into real dollars. I can track a very real return on investment for the money I spent."

– Patrick Neeman, President, Usability Counts

"Many times I don’t feel that I have much to say about an assigned technical topic/blog. However, after meeting with Linda, she is somehow able to pull the information out of my head, like magic, and turn a bunch of disjointed thoughts into an easily-accessible and well-written article. This is especially impressive since she does not have a technical background, and the writing she does for Coyote Creek is all about very technical topics. Thanks Linda!"

– Aaron Geer, Systems Engineer, Coyote Creek

"Besides Linda’s unique work, she quickly understands what I want and most importantly her accuracy in meeting timelines and providing high quality of service is extraordinary. If you care about your business and want a magical professional text I highly recommend Linda’s work."

– Hamza El Zarif, Royalens Design & Development

"Your editing connected the dots. One of my weakest writing points is adding the connections and making it exciting. You did so, while still maintaining the integrity of what I wrote."

– Marilyn August, Wealthy U Business Mentor

"I dreaded the idea of updating my website because I thought re-writing the text would be so difficult. Thank you, Linda, for making this process so easy and painless! I never thought it would be the easiest part of the project."

– Jackie Borden, President, The Borden Group

"Linda’s a “10.” She’s incredibly smart/pragmatic, has both a macro and micro
view of projects, does her homework very well and always exceeds expectations.
She’s an excellent thinker, strategist and writer and someone who uncomplicates complicated projects."

– Walter Hagstrom, Jr., Managing Partner, Burton, Livingstone & Kirk

"Linda is a tremendous asset to our organization. She has written or re-written all of our marketing materials and helped us to increase sales by over 50% in just 6 months."

– Stan Greenberg, CEO, G4 Ventures, Inc

"Linda did a fabulous job creating a company name for my business that stands out amongst the rest, and developing the copy for my website. I get many compliments on the company name and website. I’m frequently asked if the company is a franchise because of the professional look in which Linda played a major role."

– Mike Brenhaug, CEO, BlueRock Coaching & Consulting Group

"I know that I am capable of writing a brochure, or the copy for my website. After spending an hour speaking to Linda about what I wanted, the message I wanted to deliver, and providing nearly 20 pages of material, Linda was able to provide a first draft of the product in just a couple days. Amazing how she took my material and provided 16 pages of web copy and the copy for a foldout brochure that “hit the mark” so exactly. The end product was to the point, precise, clear and FAR better than anything I could have done myself. A value at twice the price! I routinely recommend Plumtree Marketing to my own clients."

– Jay McDowell, President, The Saddleback Strategy Group

"Have you ever wondered if your flat marketing could be from your writing? As a small business owner I am used to doing everything myself. I hired Linda to rewrite my 2 websites. I am sold. I was most impressed that she took the time to delve deeply into what I do and understand my business before writing her text. Linda took my websites to the next level, and our website business jumped 50% from this alone!"

– Bertram L. Furman L.Ac, QME, Owner, The Wellness Source

"You made my project a priority. Your expertise and commitment to excellence was evidenced in all your work and our communications, and greatly appreciated."

– Dr. Stephen Bizal, The Bizal Group, Inc.

"Linda is an artist of words. I truly appreciate all that she has done for me and my business."

– Keli McCall, Broker Associate, PCM Realty and Marketing

"Your editing makes my abrupt and choppy sentences flow. You can take medical copy
and keep the content while polishing it into well-crafted and publishable pieces. I am always confident that my English teacher would be pleased!"

– Veronica Alicea RD, Owner, Food and Nutrition Challenges, LLC