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I can write your non-fiction book for YOUR voice, showcasing YOUR expertise, ideas and experience

It's time to get your book done

You know you have a business, "how to" or self-help book in you. The ideas have been floating around in your head for some time now. And you certainly understand how being the author of this book can help your business and/or career.

The problem is, you don’t have the time or expertise (or, for that matter, the desire) to actually attempt to write a book. Or perhaps you have attempted to start writing your book but have not been pleased with the results.

Don’t worry. As your book ghostwriter I’ll make it very easy for you.

With my methodology all you need to do is talk

Chances are you can talk about the subject of your book all day long. After all, this is your area of expertise. You know this stuff. It’s writing that you find difficult.

That’s why you’ll love my book ghostwriting process. I’ll write your book based on telephone conversations with you.

I won’t attempt to become an expert in your field (although, having written for hundreds of companies as a freelance marketing writer, there’s a decent chance I know at least a little about your field). Instead, I’ll do something that I am an expert at: I’ll pull the information out of your head.

We’ll start by creating an outline, and then, chapter by chapter, we’ll get the book written. We’ll have a series of telephone conversations. I’ll ask questions. You’ll share your ideas, examples and stories. Because I type about 100 words per minute, I’ll take my notes as you talk, getting nearly all of your words down verbatim.

Of course, I don't expect your ideas to come out of your head in a linear fashion. That’s not how these things usually work. It will be more of a disorganized “brain dump.” No problem. Taking that “brain dump” and crafting it into a well-written chapter is the fun part for me!

Your book will sound as though you wrote it

Having your actual phraseology in my notes will make it possible for me to write your book in your voice, using many of the words and phrases that you used during our conversation. When people who know you and your speech patterns read the book, they’ll think you did the writing yourself.

Plus, your book will be written in a way that “sells” your ideas

I’ll be honest with you. Although I have written and self-published four of my own books, and edited four others, I am relatively new to ghostwriting books. For the past 14 years I have worked as a freelance marketing copywriter. As a marketing writer, I have a tremendous amount of experience writing articles—primarily using the same methodology I outlined above. For me, writing a book is like writing a series of very long articles.

What you’ll find is that my unique background is a significant advantage for you.

Why? Because your book will be written by someone who is an expert at writing to sell. Your book won’t just be well-organized, well-written and highly engaging. It will also be persuasive. Which is an absolute necessity if you want people to accept and take action upon the ideas presented in your book.

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What Others Are Saying

"Linda is somehow able to pull information out of my head, like magic, and turn a bunch of disjointed thoughts into an easily-accessible and well-written article."

Aaron Geer,
Systems Engineer, Coyote Creek