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75 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business
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Get 75 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business to learn:

  • Tried and true marketing tactics to get your message out – tips #8–23
  • 25 things you can do to build customer loyalty – tip #62
  • How to get inside your prospects’ heads – tip #32
  • 7 ways to establish yourself as an expert – tip #11
  • The secrets to creating irresistible offers – tip #37
  • How to market your free consultation – tip #20
  • Proven ways to write compelling headlines – tip #40
  • How to turn potential marketing liabilities into assets – tip #28
  • 4 powerful ways to make the most of testimonials – tip #55
  • 6 email etiquette rules you should never break – tip #67

Marketing an intangible service? You won’t want to miss tip #48! Need to deliver difficult news to a client? Tip #70 can help you salvage the relationship.

75 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business gives you expert advice from a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience, presented in a series of 75 easily-digested tips.

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What Others are Saying

Wow! There is a ton of great information in here that I can use to improve my business. It’s like a mini college course in one book!
- S. Denas

If you follow what is stated in this this book you can make magic happen for your business. Marketing is not as easy as people think and this book walks you through the specifics (in detail) of a series of successful actions that will lead to results.
- K. Gunther

This is an extremely easy to read book with a plethora of excellent ideas. Everyone should be able to read this book and come away with some new ideas.
- D. Berman, MD

If you plan on starting your own business or are in business now or have been for some time, you can definitely benefit from the tips in Linda’s book. Or you can go through trial and error and spend 20 or 30 years to learn this on your own and still miss important items she has outlined in her book.
- M. Mamula

A great gift for small business owners! My plan is to use this book as a “thank you for your business” gift for new clients.
- P. Schaefer

This book provides everything from “back to the basics” all the way thru to the “new digital media” your business needs to succeed in today’s world.
- R. Cervantez

As a CPA, I'm always eager to find new ways to market myself. This book is brimming with solid and useful ideas.
- P. Bialak

Read through her ideas and categories, pick one from each area to concentrate on, then move on to another area. You can't do it all at once, but by taking little "bites", you can start to increase sales & profits.
- E. Montanez

The author provides many useful tips. The book is well-organized, well-written, and easy to comprehend. I recommend it highly.
- G. Bonetto

What I love most about this book is that it is filled with easy to digest, bite size wisdom nuggets. The wisdom is short and concise, yet packed with enough information to teach you about each topic.
- T. Sheltraw

Provides great value for someone who has an idea they want to turn into a business or for a business which wants to grow and needs some practical marketing strategies.
- S. Wong