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Janet Smith
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Dear Ms. Smith:

When parents make the decision to hire a nanny they usually locate likely candidates through referrals from friends or agencies. But once you find an applicant whose personality and style seem to mesh with your own, you have to ask yourself: How much do I really know about this woman?

Before you invite a stranger to come into your home and care for your children, you need to get the facts.

My name is Greg Reese, and I am writing to introduce you to Clear Image Background Investigations. We offer a comprehensive, multi-faceted background investigation that can help you discover some very important facts about the woman who wants to be your children's nanny:

  • What is her employment history?
  • Does she have a criminal record?
  • Is she a safe driver?
  • Does she have a reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability?
  • In short - can she be entrusted with your children's care?

To learn more about the peace of mind that our background investigation can provide, please call me at 714-XXX-XXXX or visit our website at Don't risk your children's safety. Call today.


Greg Reese


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