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Surprise your Valentine with this special collection of seven wine-friendly chocolates.


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Cinnamon Roll Sunday


Clear your calendar on Sunday February 17 because you won't want to miss Downey's Chocolate's first-ever Cinnamon Roll Sunday!

Featuring Tracey's absolutely killer cinnamon rolls and live music by local musician and airline pilot Dave Miller, this is an event your whole family will enjoy. Cinnamon rolls will be on the menu from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm; Dave will be singing and playing the guitar from 1:00 to 3:00. Of course, all of our regular items will also be available.


Downey's Chocolate Experience

 Chocolate and Sex -
A 1,500 Year-Old Tradition

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you're probably wondering: Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac? And if so, just what is the perfect dose?

An aphrodisiac - named for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty - is something that is believed to "put you in the mood for love." Chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac actually goes back 1,500 years, to the Aztecs. The Aztecs believed that chocolate invigorated men and made women less inhibited. They even celebrated its harvest with festivals of wild orgies. In addition, it is reported that the Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 golden goblets of chocolate each day to boost his virility before visiting his extensive harem.

But is chocolate really an aphrodisiac? Scientists say "probably not" in one breath, while explaining the chemical basis of chocolate's mood-altering abilities in the next. Chocolate contains two substances that occur naturally in the human brain and tend to have a stronger affect on women than on men: Phenylethylamin and Seratonin. The brain normally releases these substances when we're happy...and when we experience feelings of love, passion, and/or lust. The brain's release of Phenylethylamin and Seratonin causes a rapid mood change, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, and general feelings of well being. When chocolate is consumed it also releases these chemicals into the bloodstream and gives an instant energy boost.

So there you have it - chocolate contains two powerful chemical mood lifters that are associated with feelings of happiness, love, passion, lust, endurance, and stamina. Chemically speaking, chocolate makes you feel good. But is it really an aphrodisiac? It's hard to say. In the interest of science, we recommend you conduct your own experiments and find out!

 This Month at Downey's Chocolates

  • Today: Buy Valentine's Present
  • February 11: Beginner II Chocolatier Class
  • February 14: Valentine's Day
  • February 17: Cinnamon Roll Sunday

Valentine Heart Cookies 

½ pound butter, softened
2 ½ cups sifted all-purpose flour
1 cup sifted confectioners' sugar
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

Mix butter in a mixer until light and fluffy; add remaining ingredients. Knead until smooth. Roll one-half of the dough at a time to about 1/4 inch thick, using a small amount of confectioner sugar to minimize sticking. Cut out with a 2-inch heart-shaped cookie cutter. Place on a lightly greased pan and bake for about 15 minutes. Cookies should not be brown.  If desired, cookies can be decorated with coarse colored sugar before baking.

Rich Chocolate Hazelnut Filling

6 oz. Nutella (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)
3 oz. 72% dark chocolate

Melt dark chocolate at 50% power in microwave for 1 min. Stir until melted. Add Nutella and mix thoroughly. Spread filling on bottom of one heart and sandwich with the bottom of another heart.


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