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Marketing Planning

8 Expert Tips for Developing a Marketing Plan
20/20 Foresight
Are You Asking the Right Questions?
Are You Using Your SWOT?
Can't Keep Up? Simplify Your Marketing Efforts
Clued In or Clueless?
Creating a Marketing Crisis Management Plan
Do You Have A Marketing Plan?
Do You Track Your Marketing Results?
Improve Your Marketing Decision Making
Inviting Maslow to Your Strategy Session
Marketing Growth Hacking
Money Down the Drain
Put It On the Calendar  
Stretch Your Marketing Budget
The Importance of Timing
Watch Out for Blind Spots

Marketing Positioning

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits
Differentiation: A Very Impressive Squirrel
Find Your Niche
How to Create a Tagline for Your Business
Know Your Competition
Positioning, Names & Perception
Should You Discount Your Prices?
Turning a Potential Liability into an Asset
What Are You Really Selling?
What is Your Company's USP?
What Sets You Apart from Your Competition?
Who's Your Target?
Your Target Market isn't "Everyone"


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Marketing Tactics

Blogging: 7 Things Blogs & Newsletters Can Do for Your Business
Blogging: 10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
Blogging: 11 Ideas for Interesting Blog Posts
Blogging: 10 More Ideas for What to Blog About
Blogging: 11 More Ideas for What to Write
Blogging: Choosing Images for Your Blogs
Blogging: Have You Considered Guest Blogging?
Blogging: The Benefits of Writing Evergreen Content
Blogging: Using Images to Promote Your Blogs
Business Cards: Add Value to Your Business Cards
Business Networking: Common Business Networking Mistakes

Business Networking: How to Get Started with Business Networking
Business Networking: Network Your Way to Success
Case Studies: Showcase Your Successes with Case Studies
Content Marketing: A Great Way to Brainstorm Article Topic Ideas
Content Marketing: Are Your Sales People Making the Most of Your Content?
Content Marketing: Does Content Marketing Work?
Content Marketing: Is Thought Leadership Worth the Effort?
Content Marketing:
Nurturing Prospects with Quality Content

Content Marketing: Repurpose/Recycle/Reuse Your Content
Content Marketing: Using Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website
Content Marketing: What You Need to Know about Content Marketing
Cross-Promotions: When 1 + 1 = 5
Direct Mail: Promote Your Business with Postcards
Direct Mail: The Case for Direct Mail
Email: Secrets of Successful Email Campaigns
Email: The Power of an Opt-In Email List
Email: Tips for Building Your Email List
General: 4 Tactics are Better than 1
General: 21 Old-School Ways to Market Your Business
General: Celebrate!
General: Establish Yourself as an Expert
General: Get Others to Send Customers to You
General: How to Market Intangible Products and Services
General: Make the Most of Obscure Holidays
General: Making the Most of Industry Research
General: Stay Top-of-Mind with Customers and Prospects
Gimmicks:The Pitfalls of Engaging Marketing Gimmicks
Guest Podcasting: How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest
Guest Podcasting: The Easy Way to Podcast
Newsletters: 5 Keys to Email Newsletter Success
Newsletters: Creating a Business Newsletter

Offers: 10 Offers that Don't Involve Discounts
Offers: Creating Irresistible Marketing Offers
Offers: The Word That No One Can Resist
Print: Is Print Dead?
Print: The Power of Print
Print: Which is Better, Print or Digital?
Presentations: 3 Simple Tips for PowerPoint Success
Social Media: 6 Reasons Why Marketing Infographics Work
Social Media: How to Make Any Business Visual for Pinterest
Speaking: How to Give a Successful Speech
Testimonials: Harness the Power of Testimonials
Testimonials: How to Get Great Testimonials
Trade Shows: Maximize Your Trade Show Investment
Videos: An Easy Way to Make YouTube Videos
Word of Mouth: Ask for Referrals
Word of Mouth: Get People Talking

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Refining Your Marketing Message

Are Your Value-Added Benefits a Well-Kept Secret?
Boring is in the Eye of the Beholder
Cognitive Biases & Your Sales Pitch
Does Your Message Resonate?
Don't Expect People to Connect the Dots
Don't Tell Lies
Framing Your Message
Get People to Pay More for Your Products
Got Focus?
Help Prospects Feel How Much You Care
How to Market Your Free Consultation
Imply But Don't Lie
Inside the Minds of Your Prospects
It's Not About You
Keep it Believable
Marketing Advice from Aristotle
Market Results, Not Processes
Sell to People -- Not Businesses
The Same Old Normal
"The Secret" to Successful Marketing
Too Much Truth
Understand Your Customers' Buying Process
What If You're Ranked #17?
You're Not the Customer


Improving Your Marketing Materials

5 Things Your Website Developer Ought to Tell You
5 Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers
6 Problems with the Website Text You Wrote Yourself
6 Ways to Create Urgency
Are Your Marketing Materials Effective?
Can Your Customers Recognize You?
Convincing Prospects to Set Aside their Fears
Does Your Marketing Message Make Sense?
Formatting for Maximum Readability
Get the Details Right
Headlines that Make Me Cringe

Help Prospects Believe Your Promises
How to Evaluate Your Marketing Text Like a Pro
Increase Sales by Increasing Anticipation
Is Your Website Out of Focus?
Make Prospects Feel Like They're In Control
Make Your Own Halo
Make an Emotional Connection
Presentation is Everything
Prove It!
Take a Fresh Look at Your Marketing Materials
Top 15 Website Turnoffs
What Smart Businesses Do to Build Credibility and Trust
What Your Web Stats Can Tell You
Why Should I Trust You?
Why Your Lead Gen Landing Page Isn't Working

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Improving Your Writing

5 Common Copywriting Errors
5 More Common Copywriting Errors
10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing
A Tale of 3 Voices
Common Grammatical Errors to Avoid
Common Punctuation Errors
Common Punctuation Errors II
Commonly Confused Words
Don't Let Unintended Meanings Wreck Your Message
Facts vs. Emotions
How to Write Compelling Headlines
Proofreading 101
The Multi-Million Dollar Punctuation Error
The Other Magic Word
Writing Errors that Make You Look Bad


Focusing on the Follow-Through

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Sales
Consistency is Key
Don't Forget to Ask for the Sale
Don't Forget to Show Up
Don't Let Leads Go Stale
Don't Let Your Great Ideas Wilt
Make It Easy for Prospects to Say "Yes"
Pay Attention to the Little Things
The Devil is in the Details
Turning Connections into Relationships


Getting Publicity

7 Common Errors That Will Doom Your Media Release
12 Reasons to Send a Press Release
How to Successfully Promote an Event

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Improving Your Customer Service

25 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty
Bad Customer Experience Kills Sales
Customer Service is a Competitive Advantage
Email Etiquette Rules You Should Never Break
How 3 Day Blinds Lost My Business
How to "Market" Difficult News
Ignore Customer Experience at Your Peril
"Liking" Your Customers
Make Customers Smile
Making Changes? Let Clients Know!
Put Out the Welcome Mat
Selling the Buying Experience
What Cancer Taught Me about Customer Service


Miscellaneous Topics

5 Things to Avoid Saying in a Sales Call
5 Ways to Attract More Clients
6 Tips for Working with Freelancers
7 Great Reasons to Say "Thank You"
7 Secrets to Successful PowerPoint Presentations
Are You Blocking Your Marketing Success?
Can Emotional Connections Double Your Sales?
Creating an Elevator Pitch for Your Business
Creating Positive Expectations
Do Online Reviews Really Matter?
Don't Let Fear Hold You Back
Eliminate the Friction
Giving Back to Your Community
Help Your Clients, Help Yourself
How to Generate New Ideas
Knock Their Socks Off!
Make Things Easy & Convenient for Your Customers
Marketing Advice from My Dad
Marketing at a Funeral
Marketing Lessons from My Wedding
Marketing Lessons from a Moldy Jack-o'-Lantern
Outrageously Bad Marketing Advice
Put On Your Marketing Hat
Responding to Random LinkedIn Requests
Using Stories in Elevator Pitches
Why Google Alerts is a Killer Resource
You Are Not Alone (common marketing mistakes)
You Won an Award. Now What?

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