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Green World Construction Helps
Southern California Property Owners “Go Green”

Experienced contractor specializes in environmentally-friendly upgrades and renovations.

IRVINE, California―When local contractor Brian Powers first started offering “green” home and property improvement services, many people were unaware that these options existed. Now, with awareness surging and both local utilities and the federal government offering financial incentives for property owners to go green, Powers has launched Green World Construction to focus exclusively on green property improvement and renovation projects.

Green World Construction offers a wide range of energy efficient products to clients throughout Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside counties. Options include solar panel installation, tankless water heaters, energy efficient lighting, solar-powered hot water systems for homes or swimming pools, solar-powered attic ventilation, building insulation, dual pane windows and more.

“Most of these projects pay for themselves in just a few years,” Powers explains, “especially once you factor in the generous rebates and tax credits that are currently available. When property owners realize how easy it is to do the right thing for the planet, going green becomes the obvious choice.”

Rebates for installation of energy-efficient products are offered through local utility companies. These rebates are typically available for tankless hot water or other energy efficient hot water systems, as well as the installation of “grid tied” solar panels or solar power systems.

In addition, the federal government is currently offering significant tax incentives to encourage property owners to go green.

The Residential Energy Credits program provides up to $1,500 in tax credits for homeowners who install qualifying energy efficient products, including tankless hot water heaters, insulation, dual pane windows and more, in 2010.

The Energy Tax Credit program provides a 30% tax credit or tax grant (i.e. a check from the Treasury) for the installation of qualifying alternative energy generation systems, including solar panels that provide electricity to the grid. Owners of both residential and commercial properties can qualify for this program, which is scheduled to continue through 2016.

About Green World Construction

Green World Construction offers a wide range of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly property renovation, upgrade and improvement services to owners of both residential and commercial properties throughout Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside Counties. President Brian Powers and Senior VP Art Gonzales have over 55 years of combined experience in construction, remodeling and renovations. Green World Construction has offices in Irvine, San Clemente and Long Beach. Contractors License # 307967; corporate license pending.

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