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Marketing Content Expert Linda Coss Helps Businesses Succeed!

Available Talks Include:

Nailing Your "30-Second Business Networking Commercial"
60 to 70 minute workshop (maximum group size: 20)

At many business networking groups a portion of the meeting is spent having each member stand up and give a "30-second commercial" about their business. Unfortunately, many business owners blow this critical opportunity to make a good impression while educating group members about what they do and who they do it for.

In this interactive workshop senior-level marketing writer Linda Coss teaches participants how to write and deliver commercials that resonate. Each participant will leave the workshop with a rough draft of at least one 30-second commercial—and, hopefully, ideas for more.

The Secrets to Creating Marketing Materials that Sell
30 to 60 minute talk, workshop or webinar

When prospective customers visit your website, review your brochure, get your email or read your mailer, every word counts. You don’t have a lot of time to grab their attention and convince them that they should be doing business with you! In this informative presentation marketing writer Linda Coss discusses five key “musts” for creating marketing materials that motivate prospects to buy.

Learn how to:

  • Use your marketing materials to create trust
  • Explain the benefits you provide
  • Choose words that resonate
  • Make achieving positive results appear simple
  • Improve your writing skills

Help! I Need to Write Blogs and Other Marketing Pieces, But Have No Idea What to Write About
90-minute workshop

In today’s marketing world they say that “content is King.” But whether your goal is to establish your expertise and stay top-of-mind with a blog or newsletter, or you’re creating a full-blown lead nurturing content marketing program, there’s one question that’s probably on your mind. What topics should you be focusing on in all this content? In this interactive workshop, marketing content expert Linda Coss shares some of the secrets to brainstorming ideas for the content that your customers crave.

Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • A basic understanding of content marketing and the different types of content that can be created
  • Two different approaches to brainstorming content ideas
  • Helpful handouts that can be used again and again
  • A list of relevant potential topic ideas to kick-start their own content marketing program

Market Positioning that Builds Credibility & Trust
30-minute talk

It is said that people buy from people and companies that they know, like and trust. But how do you establish credibility and trust with someone who has never met you or done business with you? Luckily, there are a number of ways you can use your marketing materials to position your company as credible and trustworthy. Find out what these things are in this presentation by experienced marketing writer Linda Coss.

10 Ways to Market Your Small Businesses without Breaking the Bank
30-minute talk

Small business owners know that marketing is vital to their business' success...and that diversification is one of the keys to marketing success. The problem comes when their desire to use multiple marketing tactics bumps into the reality check known as their budget. Luckily, there are many low-cost tactics to choose from. Some are free or close to free, others are relatively inexpensive and many can be had for just the cost of your time. In this 30-minute presentation marketing writer Linda Coss provides an overview of 10 of them.

3 Keys to Marketing Success
45-minute workshop (primary target audience: new solopreneurs)

Through a combination of lecture and interactive exercises, marketing writer Linda Coss presents an overview of three of the big keys to marketing success. Learn the crucial elements of a marketing plan, explore a variety of marketing tactics, and be introduced to some of the secrets of how to write to sell.

Participants are asked to bring their company’s brochure and/or flier, plus a printout of the most important pages of their website (if they have already created these materials).

What Others Are Saying

"Linda Coss is a terrific, well-prepared speaker. Her presentation was packed with useful, proven marketing ideas that small business owners can implement right away."

Ara Izquierdo,
Executive VP/COO